ZZ Top Band Popular Songs

ZZ Top Band Popular Songs

You guys already know about this one band that we will discuss. Almost everyone who likes rock genre understands about this one band. The name of the band that we will discuss here is indeed quite unique, namely ZZ Top.

ZZ Top Band Popular Songs

ZZ Top is known as one of the most popular bands. In the 70s to 80s ZZ Top became one of the most famous bands. The songs that were created get good reception from the public.

Many like the album ZZ Top. Indeed talented, even though this band only has 3 members, almost everything has not changed. From the very beginning of the band until now its members have not changed and even the manager or producer is still the same.

It’s rare for a band to be built for decades and still work with the same personnel. And until now finally the name ZZ Top is increasingly known throughout the world.

Here are some of the songs popularized by the band ZZ Top:


This song was first popularized by ZZ Top. In the music video they also recorded themselves playing the role of guardian angels helping the workers.

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During its heyday in the 70s, this one song also became one of the popular songs. In this one song received a lot of attention, especially on the video that tells about how to live in a drunken state.

Heard it on the X

This song was created in 1975 and received the attention of many people. This rock genre song is quite pleasant to hear so many people like it.

I thank you

This one song was made in 1979 with a lively tone and clean guitar rhythm. This song was sung at the concert at that time and became a dream of rock lovers.

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There are still many songs that are known to the public. For example, Just Got Paid, Waiting For The Bus, Gimme All Your Lovin, Tush, and others.…